How long are the lessons?
Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. Concentration is at its maximum for 25 minutes. As the lessons are very intensive, it is more effective to do two non-consecutive lessons than to do a whole hour.
Can I really learn a language by telephone?
Of course! The telephone is a wonderful tool for language-learning. First of all, you are naturally in a state of full concentration. With oral communication you have to focus on what you hear. There is no body language which usually conveys a large part of the message.
Secondly, on the telephone, you don’t have any choice – you have to speak!! Gestures are useless and this forces you to find other means of communication using words, either those locked away in your passive memory, or newly acquired. The barriers (fear, mental blocks, etc.), often present when you have to speak in a foreign language, are quickly overcome.
In addition, you don’t need to leave your desk, reserve a meeting room for group lessons etc. Therefore, no time is wasted. What could be simpler? A fixed line number and/or the internet, and you’re off!
Finally, one to three 30- minute lessons per week, on average, are easy to accommodate, even in a busy schedule.
So what are you waiting for to try?
Can I follow my lessons on a mobile?

Yes, lessons can be given on a mobile, but we still strongly encourage to use a landline or Skype on a computer (not a tablet or mobile phone) in order to stay at a desk for more concentration.

I can’t take my lesson, how can I cancel it?

You just need to inform your teacher at least 4 business hours before the scheduled time.
To encourage you to take your lessons regularly and to enable your teacher to organise his/her timetable efficiently, 2 cancellations are allowed every 10 lessons.
For example, if you are enrolled on a 30 lesson course, 6 cancellations are allowed.

I am a complete beginner, how does it work?
The lessons are perfectly adapted to complete beginners as the teacher is able to speak the student’s mother tongue, and the written material is chosen according to the student’s level.

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The advantages of using the phone for language courses.

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