Phone Languages has been offering language lessons by telephone to businesses and private individuals. Through the years, we have developed recognised learning techniques and we have adapted them exclusively to learning by phone.

Thousands of businesses have put their trust in us and, each year, continue to enrol their staff in our courses. We are proud to be able to respond to their needs and to continually receive positive feedback from satisfied clients.

Human relationship at the heart of the course.

Phone Languages has always had a good relationship with its tutors. There is a strong team spirit and this has long been one of the keys to Phone Languages’ success.

Years of experience have also shown us that the relationship between the teacher and his student is extremely important to the success of the course.

We are determined to respond to the wishes and needs of our clients.

We are always available to listen to your requests and will do everything possible to respond.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your wishes.

What people say

Phone Languages is een handig en flexibel leertraject voor mensen met een onregelmatig schema. Veel dialoog aangevuld met grammaticale oefeningen en notities vormen een goede basis om vlotter te communiceren en spreken in een andere taal.
I am absolutely happy with my French teacher. She is very competent, she is educated, reliable – in one word: I imagine that it will be very difficult to find somebody else who matches her.
This was my second cycle of phone lessons with Phone Languages and like the previous time, I was very happy with the lessons and had a fabulous and patient teacher, Kate. My Dutch has improved and the lessons were always interesting. I like being able to plan the lessons around my schedule. I would definitely recommend anyone to learn a language through Phone Languages. Thanks!

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The advantages of using the phone for language courses.

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